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Tennessee Walker horses for sale in Missouri Horses for sale in Missouri

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Extremely Nice Gaited

      Mystic is an 11yr old 14.1 hand tall Tri-Colored Tennessee Walking Horse Mare. She is short in stature, but very stock built, and like a little tank. She has a very nice quality Flat Footed and Running Walk, and has a nice reach with her front legs. She is very solid and sure-footed, and always knows where her feet are at all times in any kind of terrain...not one of your Camel type, spaghetti legged Walking Horses. Mystic leads with her knees and breaks over nicely, and her transition from her Flat Footed Walk into her Running Walk is very smooth and unnoticeable. Her gait is very smooth and soft, and her head nod is perfectly in tune with her walk. Mystic has an all work type of personality, and takes her job very seriously. She is not a lovey dovey type of horse, but is well mannered and does what is asked of her....very work oriented type of mindset. She will lead, follow, or ride out alone, and is not flustered by things on the trail. If you ask her to cross something, she does so with out asking any questions, and does so carefully and always knows where she is placing her feet. Mystic direct reins, uses outside leg cues, backs, and has a nice stop. She rides on a loose rein, and goes into her gait very naturally, without needing assistance from her rider. Mystic has been a one owner horse her whole life, and it took her a few weeks to warm up to us. At first she would walk away from us when we went into the pasture, and you could tell she was depressed with the sudden change in her life. Its taken a while, but now she comes up to the gate to be brought out. She is excellent with her hooves, and readily hands them to you, and is very good with the farrier. She is very good with tacking up and bridling, and does not act marish at all when tightening up the cinch, but just stands and waits to do her job. In the pasture she is more of a loner, and towards the bottom of the pecking order, and she would rather walk away than stand up to another horse. She was owned her whole life by an older gentleman, and had the personality of a horse owned by a man...its only in the last week or so that she is stating to take interest in playing when I tickle her lip or rub her ears. Shes starting to realize that its not so bad to lighten up, and not have to take life so seriously! **Mystic has been given all of her vaccines, and wormed. **Shipping is available, at an additional cost. To view video: Call 314-608-1800

Location Desoto, Missouri BirthdateMay 2007
BreedTennessee Walker Gender Mare
ColorPinto Height14.1 hands
Asking Price$2,300 (US)WeightNot Available
DisciplinesWestern Riding; Trail Horse; Husband Safe; Gaited;

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Phone: 314-608-1800
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