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Tennessee Walker horses for sale in North Carolina Horses for sale in North Carolina

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17H Dapple Grey Mare

      ✬ARIA✬ = $7,500 - Farm Therapist- Stunningly tall, grey bey, direct daughter to Lined With Cash -Registered Name/Number= Queens Cash / 20704205 -Breed= T.W.H. - Tennessee Walking Horse -D.O.B.= 6/14/07 -Age= 10yrs -Height= 17 Hh -Gender= Mare -Color= Grey ~Temper Level= 2.5 of 10 ~Riding Abilitiy/Attributes= Anyone can ride, a lil tough to handle on the ground for smaller people because of her size ~Behavior Description= *Updated regarding anyone asking on her regarding sales, Aria is due this month(May/June), shes been bred to Mack, will have an amazing foal like Zechariah, will be extremely tall, and most likely grey- will also have numerous WGCs in lineage- were intending upon keeping the foal, if you are still interested in purchasing her and keeping her on-site we can do that or we can do a purchase contract with a deposit until she can be weaned, if someone is serious about buying her and the foal we would consider that to good home but no rush for her to leave here.* Aria is beyond gorgeous and a show-stopper to say the least. She is one that many mistake for a warmblood because of her size alone. She is a big girl, big boned, smooth gait, anything youd want in a conversation horse. Shes the direct daughter to the WGC stud, Lined With Cash, breeding to him alone is $2000 and you arent guaranteed a grey let alone her size so we know for what were asking is a steal, hence not promoting or pushing her much because between her foals, uses for Therapeutical riding, leasing abilities with anyone being able to ride her, we just have her mainly listed as being available but not pushing to sell her. Her only flaw is also because of her size she can be intimidating to some people but if you keep a firm voice and her handler is one shes familiar with then she isnt an issue but she can be pushy to a smaller person or new-comer at first. This also is more true when she has a foal by her side(mommy instincts, naturally) but majority of the time shes a gentle giant like Luke. Shes been ridden and trailer-ed all around NC/SC and will hop right on the trailer. Goes anywhere you point her on the trails and is a great smooth ride, gets compliments and heads turned every time and because of the past posts and showings we have numerous that will just approach the trailer if they recognize it and ask if shes in there. Shes made herself famous by her photogenic/breathtaking presentation anywhere we take her. ~Price or Adoption Fee= $7500 ~Located in Lincolnton, N.C. ~ Since were around large machinery/loud noises/animals/or doing sessions- Texting is easiest to get a quicker reply as voicemail usually stays full - 704-240-6003 *Bloodline/Lineage= { QUEENS CASH, LINED WITH CASH, MERRY RHYTHM QUEEN, COINS HARD CASH, GENS SILVER LINING, GENIUS NONE TO-5, STORMYS RHYTHM QUEEN, PRIDES GOLD COIN, PRIDES DONNA, PRIDES GENERATOR, ELDORADOS STAR DUST, PRIDES GENIUS, PARADER BLACK MIST, PRIDES STORMY NIGHT, 76S RHYTHM QUEEN, PRIDE OF MIDNIGHT H.F., DELIGHTS JOANNA, PRIDE OF MIDNIGHT H.F., SUNS PRETTY DONNA, PRIDE OF MIDNIGHT H.F., H.F. SPIRITS NELL, SUNS ELDORADO, MISTY QUEEN BIGNHAM, PRIDE OF MIDNIGHT H.F., DELIGHTS JOANNA, MIDNIGHT ON PARADE K., SALLY MIDNIGHT MC, PRIDE OF MIDNIGHT H.F., MERRY HUMORESQUE, GFS SPIRIT OF 76, MACK KS RHYTHM QUEEN } ***Video Link(s)= Gaiting~ Loading on Trailer~ On the Stairs~ Playing in Arena~ Arena-2~ Pasture Play~ Waddling/Gaiting~ Jumping~ ****Current Coggins/Vaccines are up to date, vet-checks are preferred before leaving facility, buyer(s) welcome to do on-site lease for as long as needed if you would like to get to know the horse(s) but a lease-rate or deposit would have to be made to hold horse(s), we have hours of trails on 300+ acres with creeks, 80x100 covered riding arena, and well do our best to represent or know the horse(s) and transition them as comfortably as possible with purchaser(s). Have many references of past buyers as we try to stay in touch with everyone, we know you cant guarantee a horse since they have a mind of their own but weve switched out horses or re-trained even years after selling them as we want both to be as happy as possible as well as keep a good reputation :) More information is available regarding leases @ facebook/foxdenfarmskennels ~~~Update on 11/17/17* was going to remove old info but figured Id just add an updated commentary to each because most of the horses describe themselves in their behavior & each of the guests or visitors can vouch for the horses :) Much more detail is available at facebook[dot]com/FoxDenFarmsKennels & unfortunately since posting the horses in the Spring we had a lot of construction set-backs so we didnt reply to hardly any for sale inquiries, which you can probably see that all of our guys/gals are used in therapy or family work so no rush in selling them anyway but, with starting more construction, we are a lil more motivated to sell to thin our herd a lil bit so if you are interested or had your eye on one then now is the time finally & yes pleas TEXT only as we are around loud machinery/dogs/etc. + w/ the powerlines here we dont get a lot of the calls so thats why the voicemail stays full ☆ 7042406003 ~ TEXT ONLY Please!!!☆ Located in Lincolnton, N.C. Yes, current Coggins/Vacc. --- As of today; since last posting about Aria, we thought she was bred when Lady was as it was an oops during transitioning & the moving/construction process but after waiting months & her just being very large like normal lol she just didnt have a foal & after the vet was out we were told she wasnt pregnant, she did have what appeared to be a milky sack while Lady was in foal but wondering if she was just sharing the maternal mare-sisterly type stuff. Aside from that, nothing has changed w/ her, she is still a big girl, just over 17Hh now for some reason, I always thought 16.3 but we checked and just over 17 hands. Stunningly tall w/ gorgeous coloring. As long as you can stop/steer you can ride her, its tough to ride her on some of our trails though only because of how tall she is and with lower branches but aside from that cant think of any complaints. She would benefit to be away from here only because of Mack being her past companion but if someone wanted to purchase & continue to board its not big issue to keep her where she is :) She is a head-turner though & complimented anywhere she is taken. Video=

Location Lincolnton, North Carolina BirthdateJune 2007
BreedTennessee Walker Gender Mare
ColorGrey Height17.0 hands
Asking Price$7,500 (US)Weight1200 pounds
RegisteredTWHBEA 20704205

Queens Cash's Bloodlines
Sire: Lined With Cash
Dam: Merry Rythm Queen

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Seller:fox den farms
Phone: 7042406003
Email:Click Here To Email Seller
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