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Nice 2011 AQHA Gelding

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      ATTENTION Two Eyed Jack fans!!! 2011 AQHA Sorrel Gelding Jacks Flashy Red JF AKA Dammit Dale. We are asking TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED CASH MONEY, YES, THAT IS OUR LOWEST CASH PRICE, NO TRADES, NO PAYMENTS, NO DELIVERY, LOCATED IN ANTLERS OK 74523(Southeastern Oklahoma) CHECK OUT HOW FAR I AM FROM YOU BEFORE YOU CALL OR TEXT AND ASK ME. Dale is a 6 year old 16 hand sorrel gelding with a big blaze face, 3 tall stockings and a sock. He should weigh in...Im guessing but 1100-1200 lbs., he likes his groceries and hasnt missed a meal since we have owned him. He is sound and healthy with a negative coggins that wont expire until September 13th, 2017. Please read this entire ad before asking questions, I think I have covered everything but if I have missed something, ask away. We nicknamed this horse Dammit Dale because he is one of those horses that is always in your business. His curiosity is cute and annoying at the same time. If you are in the pasture he will hunt you down and will lend you his total attention. If you out working on fence or on your tractor be prepared, Dale will be standing over your shoulder watching your every move and testing your tools for durability. If you know horses, you know that this type of behavior is typical of highly intelligent animals. An old-timer I used to know told me they best way to find the most intelligent colt out of a band of yearlings is to put a odd object in the pasture such as a feed sack or tarp and wait to see which colts came up first to check it out. You can always pick out the ones that will think their way through problems or strange situations. I would say Dale would be a top hand in that competition. We purchased Dale as a green 4 year old with the hopes of making him into a top performance horse either in the barrel racing or roping industry. However, life happened and we have not been able to spend the time needed on Dale nor do we for see enough time in the future to put consistent time on him which is what he needs. When we first bought him, we hauled him and rode him quite a bit but now he has been turned out and not ridden in about a year. My husband is working on the road and Im am pregnant so we feel that Dales talents and mind is being wasted. Not only is Dale intelligent he is also extremely athletic. With his size and bone mass he is not built to move like a cutter, but he does!! He will roll back on his hocks and really get around. Plus he will drag his hinny when you ask him to stop. He gives to pressure, breaks at the poll and flexes. When I last rode him he was picking up counter arching and side passing pretty well. We have only ridden him in a twisted wire snaffle bit and never needed or wanted to move him to anything else. His neck is tied into his shoulders to be slightly higher headed but with gentle persuasion he will keep his head and neck low. He will back all day long until you stop asking. I am a big round pen user and ground worker so Dale has had tons of time there. He will stop on command, face then change directions. He wants to be your buddy and will make big efforts to do what is asked so he can come to you for a break and rub. As I said before, we purchased Dale as a green 4 year old. He rode but had and still has a few issues. First when you saddle him he wanted to be a little boog-gerie with the pad and blanket, and he had/has a habit of coming to you as you tighten the saddle up. I was working on these issues before we stopped ridding him and just about had them fixed but with the amount of time that has passed I figure those old habits will be back but should be short lived if nipped in the bud right away. He gets really rigid when you first get on him like him might blow up. He never did, but I think if someone thought they might just jump on and play cowboy they might get a face first look at the ground quicker than expected. With that said the most he ever did with us was crow hop once or twice. Nothing bad or crazy but it was there then and Im sure it will be there now. If I was able to ride him now I would work him in the round pen, saddle and work him a little more in the round pen then get on and go. My husband would probably saddle, lope him in the pen a couple of times and get on and go. Im just more cautious. Dale has never showed a mean or crazy bone he takes care of himself and isnt an idiot. He has been on several trail rides(not the kind where a path is cleared, like the kind with wild cattle, mountains, creek banks, water crossings and sink up to your hinny mud holes) and been hauled to the arena a few times as well. NO, he is not a kids horse or OK for an inexperienced horse owner or ridder nor do I ever believe he will be. He is too fast on his feet and responsive for all that. NO, I will not sell him to someone just starting out in the horse world with no experience. NO, I cannot ride him because I am pregnant nor can I get you a video of anyone ridding him so NO video! NO, there is no one home to show you how he rides. YES, if you want to ride him, saddle him and use my round pen. NO, I will not guarantee he will not buck you off. I dont think he will but he is an animal and unpredictable and I have no way of knowing your horsemanship skills. Climb aboard at your own risk. YES, he is sound and healthy. YES, he does need his feet trimmed and probably his teeth done. If we were keeping him and ridding him we would defiantly have that done ASAP. His feet arent extremely long just choppy. I (woman) trimmed his feet mostly while we were ridding him, hes pretty easy to do but will lean on you if you let him and he will make sure you are serious about his back feet before he will be a gentleman and hold them. Hes never tried to kick or stomp me. NO, we have never shod him. He didnt qualify in our program to have a set; they have to earn their shoes here by having a job or must really need them. He was fine everywhere we went barefoot. His teeth arent bad, obviously, look at his size and shape. We had his wolf teeth removed and his teeth floated right after we got him but Im sure he probably his a few sharp points by now. He loves the water and cool showers, loves to be brushed and will hunt out treats if you leave the tack room open on your trailer. He plays in the pond daily and will bury his face in the water up to his eyes. If you leave a gate open, he will find it! He does load in a slant trailer and/or stock trailer and will back out. He also stands tied fairly well. He isnt a fan of being alone if everyone leaves but he wont tear your halter or trailer up while he waits. YES, he is good with spray or aerosol fly spray. NO, I will not take payments. NO, I will not take a personal or cashiers check. NO, I am not interested in trades. NO, I will not meet you half way or deliver. YES, he gets along well with others and currently shares his pasture with 3 others mares and another gelding. NO scars or brands. YES, we have swung a rope on him but have not tried the hot heels or live cattle. I absolutely love this horse; he makes it hard not to. I really dont want to see him go but I know I wont have time in the near future to ride him nor will my husband and he is just getting older and further behind the longer we keep him as a pasture pet. $2500 CASH is the lowest we are willing to take at this time. I have been as honest as I know how to be on this ad, either you like him or not. I will not spend time on trying to talk anyone in to buying him. He needs a job and time and yes I know he is behind in the horse world. If you give him time and a job, I promise you will have a horse of a lifetime!! If youre not serious and you dont have the $ yet because you are trying to sell one of your horses please not waste my time. Thank you for taking the time to read this ad all the way through and please feel free to contact me by phone or text to set a time to come look at or try Dammit Dale. 580-372-0037

Location Soper, Oklahoma Birthdate 2011
BreedQuarter Gender Gelding
ColorSorrel Height16.0 hands
Asking Price$2,500 (US)Weight1200 pounds
DisciplinesWorking Cow Horse; Western Riding; Western Pleasure; Trail Horse; Team Sorting; Team Roping; Steer Wrestling; Sport Horse; Roping; Ranch Horse; Pole Bending; Playday; Parades; Hazing; Barrel Racing; All-Around; 4-H;

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