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1609) United States of America Lori Graves

Saturday, 03.27.2010 - 02:37:19 Windows XP Internet Explorer

thank you Horseville web site!! Your web site is one of the EASIEST and reasonablely priced ones I have used! It is both buyer and seller friendly to use. I have had the most response from this site, and not any scammers to date from you site also! Needless to say I will be using and definitly recommending this site in the future!! Loved it.........thank you soooooooooo much, Sincerely, L. Graves
1608) United States of America Peggy

Saturday, 03.27.2010 - 00:02:28 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Rg has a new home in Oregon thanks to your site.....thanks so much
1607) United States of America jan meyer

Monday, 03.22.2010 - 19:18:50 Windows NT Internet Explorer

thanks all for replying to my ad for a gaited horse. I purchased one just yesterday after not even a full week of having an ad looking for a gaited horse. thanks again!!! jan
1606) United States of America Christian Nelson

Saturday, 03.20.2010 - 17:41:11 Linux Netscape Navigator or other

Thank you Horseville, your site is the greatest!!! We have sold many horses through Horseville, and are highly pleased with this site! Your free, one picture option is the best! Thanks again
1605) United States of America sandy dunlap

Thursday, 03.18.2010 - 13:11:58 Windows NT Internet Explorer

thanks again i sold an other horse i have two more ads for horses to put on this site thanks
1604) United States of America Cindy Owsley

Thursday, 03.18.2010 - 12:27:28 Windows NT Internet Explorer

Thank You Horseville for your great service...I sold Queenie in 2 weeks!
1603) United States of America Louise Lindsey

Wednesday, 03.17.2010 - 04:23:53 Windows XP Internet Explorer

We got a number of inquiries about our horse even though none of them worked out.
1602) United States of America Evan Hubner

Monday, 03.15.2010 - 16:08:28 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Horseville provided me with some excellent leads for leasing my horse. This was much more effective than Craigslist.
1601) United States of America cheryl

Monday, 03.15.2010 - 13:30:47 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Your site was awesome. I had a great response from it. If I ever sell again would definatly use you again. Recommend to everyone.
1600) United States of America Debbi

Sunday, 03.14.2010 - 23:20:55 Windows NT Internet Explorer

sold had on there for 6 months and had alot of calls but found the right owners, and good one's GREAT Glad it worked
1599) United States of America Elsie

Sunday, 03.14.2010 - 09:14:48 Windows XP Internet Explorer

This is the third or fourth time you guys have helped me sell or place something I've had on here. Thanks for the help.

1598) United States of America Heather

Saturday, 03.13.2010 - 16:43:04 Windows XP Netscape Navigator or other

I had an ad wanting a horse and i was contacted about one and now i am getting the horse i was contacted about.
1597) United States of America CAROL HEMME

Wednesday, 03.10.2010 - 22:37:19 Windows XP Netscape Navigator or other

i never sold this horse on here, i had to take her off due to sudden bad behavior and i did not want to pass her along to someone until i fix this problem but thanks for your good website.
1596) United States of America OLENE ROGERS

Tuesday, 03.09.2010 - 20:50:45 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I did not sale this Horse from this ad but I did sale one about two months ago. I love this website & it is the first place I look when wanting to buy or sale.
1595) United States of America dwaine perrenot

Monday, 03.08.2010 - 08:57:43 Windows XP Internet Explorer

thank you for providing a place to show my horse to the public. We had over 1000 views. Horse sold thru local listing.

Thanks again,

Dwaine Perrenot

1594) United States of America Barbie Post

Sunday, 03.07.2010 - 08:56:35 Windows NT Internet Explorer

I just wanted to let you know that your Website really helped sell my horse. Thank You The Video Ad is the best.
1593) United States of America Kellie McCollum

Friday, 03.05.2010 - 12:04:53 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I sold him very fast and it was very easy. I could not have done it witout the free pic ads!
1592) United States of America Elaine

Thursday, 03.04.2010 - 22:08:07 Windows NT Netscape Navigator or other

Thanks Horseville for offering all the 'poor' folks like me a chance to offer a picture ad at no cost. It really helps get our horses seen ( I do buy ads when I can....but times are tough right now). I greatly appreciate your services. Thanks again!
1591) United States of America CAROL HEMME

Thursday, 03.04.2010 - 14:21:41 Windows XP Netscape Navigator or other

i never sold the mare on here she turned out not to be as good as she seemed so i just removed her or marked her sold. thanks for the good website.
1590) United States of America nan

Wednesday, 03.03.2010 - 22:44:45 Windows XP Internet Explorer

pony sold to out of state buyer
1589) United States of America Penny

Wednesday, 03.03.2010 - 08:58:41 Windows NT Internet Explorer

Thanks so much for your website! I sold my horse within two weeks on here! Its the fasting selling site I have ever used!
1588) United States of America Johnny Hornback

Tuesday, 03.02.2010 - 19:47:27 Windows XP Netscape Navigator or other

I did not sale her I moved her to a location were I am able to kept her. So I can continue to see and ride her thank you for your time. Johnny
1587) United States of America Brandy Gaffney

Thursday, 02.25.2010 - 17:05:11 Windows NT Internet Explorer

Thanks Horseville! Saphire and Cowboy Kiss has found a new home in Rustun, La.
I hated to let them go. I miss them so much.

1586) United States of America angel

Tuesday, 02.23.2010 - 19:17:37 Windows XP Internet Explorer

ty for having this website it absolutely helped me sell my horse
1585) United States of America jason

Monday, 02.22.2010 - 11:41:10 Windows NT Internet Explorer

very happy with web site sold horse in 2 days with over 190 viewed hits
1584) United States of America Art Baker

Sunday, 02.21.2010 - 20:06:19 Windows XP Internet Explorer

The best site by far
1583) David Mcco
Saturday, 02.20.2010 - 20:01:26 Windows NT Internet Explorer

I had 196 hits, sinc e2-6-10, and sold her today on my forth contact, for asking price,

thank you very much

1582) United States of America Debra Grace

Saturday, 02.20.2010 - 19:35:49 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I want to thank you for advertising my horse I have never had any luck with any of the other websites, I think your website is awsome
1581) United States of America Julianna Smalley

Wednesday, 02.17.2010 - 13:34:39 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Sold him in no time. Thanks!
1580) United States of America Jackie Lowe

Tuesday, 02.16.2010 - 16:48:08 Windows NT Internet Explorer

I did not sell my horse through your ad though love your site. I'm to get some videos on here it the weather ever changes.
1579) United States of America mastfamilytack

Monday, 02.15.2010 - 08:03:35 Windows XP Internet Explorer

very helpfull site. sold serveral horses on here .have more. so will be back soon .many Thanks .
1578) United States of America craig crunk

Monday, 02.15.2010 - 04:38:28 Windows NT Internet Explorer

thank horseville i bought my horse off here i love this site its the best site to buy horses on here....
1577) United States of America cathy tobin

Sunday, 02.14.2010 - 08:22:05 Windows NT Internet Explorer

thanks again for sale.
1576) United States of America Cyndy

Friday, 02.12.2010 - 11:03:36 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Such a pleasure to have a resource that is so easy to use and allows me the exposure I would not normally have! Wonderfuf!!! Thank-you Horsville - my mare found the perfect family!!
1575) United States of America Annie

Sunday, 01.31.2010 - 21:42:04 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Thank you for helping me find several great horses on this website & I have sold afew as well! Thank you again!
1574) Kelli
Friday, 01.29.2010 - 15:52:59 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I love this website!!! It's very helpful when i'm looking for horses in our area for my clients
1573) Billy

Friday, 01.29.2010 - 12:36:18 Windows NT Internet Explorer

Thank you very much I did well by puting him on Horseville
1572) United States of America Alice Kishbaugh

Sunday, 01.24.2010 - 17:21:36 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I love Horseville, I sold my donkeys privately, but had many prospective buyers from horseville. Thank you for providing this service.
1571) United States of America Gals at

Thursday, 01.21.2010 - 19:35:15 Windows NT Internet Explorer

Hey Guys...I just wanted to tell you that we have had more compliments about having your link on our page! Its almost like our viewers think we are giving them somthing free just by having your link on our page. We appreciate you guys and please stop in and see us...we are fans...The Gale at
1570) United States of America Jill Mechling

Thursday, 01.21.2010 - 17:40:01 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Thank you, Jill
1569) United States of America Kelly Jo Buhrandt

Sunday, 01.17.2010 - 21:26:09 Windows XP Internet Explorer

Yes horseville helped me sell actually 2 horses.
Thank you.

1568) United States of America JENNIE JEFFCOAT

Sunday, 01.17.2010 - 17:08:41 Windows XP Internet Explorer

1567) United States of America julie greeson

Saturday, 01.16.2010 - 16:24:06 Windows NT Internet Explorer

Thanks so much for help selling our horse!! We're gonna miss him bunches!!! Thanks again!!
1566) United States of America Wayne Harms

Saturday, 01.16.2010 - 15:01:42 Windows XP Netscape Navigator or other

This website was fantastic. We sold our horse right away. Thanks so much
1565) United States of America erica wilson

Thursday, 01.14.2010 - 09:39:09 Windows XP Netscape Navigator or other

Sold to Samantha Stransky. Congrats.... i will be looking for her in the NBHA
1564) United States of America CATHY TOBIN

Wednesday, 01.13.2010 - 11:42:25 Windows NT Internet Explorer

1563) United States of America Heather

Monday, 01.11.2010 - 10:55:59 Windows NT Internet Explorer

I'm already getting hits from your site and I'm loving it
1562) United States of America jill

Thursday, 01.07.2010 - 13:42:41 Windows XP Internet Explorer

this is a good web site and i found a lot of good stuff on this web site.
1561) United States of America Dawn
Monday, 01.04.2010 - 10:34:14 Windows XP Internet Explorer

I have sold 2 horses with Horseville's help. They reach a wide variety of possible buyers and are very user frinedly. Thanks Horseville!
1560) United States of America kerry

Saturday, 01.02.2010 - 21:24:27 Windows NT Internet Explorer

great place to put a horse for sale..

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