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Horseville Fraud
Prevention System
Horseville Scam Stopper

It has come to our attention the following scam is taking place in the online horse community. Several sellers have contacted us sharing their experiences. Keep in mind that the countries can easily be changed by the people committing this crime.

The Scam:
People selling horses are receiving buyer inquiries from a third party regarding the purchase of a horse from a potential buyer. This inquiry commonly attempts to arrange the purchase of the horse with a cashiers check covering the price of the horse and shipping. After the horse has been shipped, they commonly ask you to refund the shipping charges as part of a �finders� fee� arrangement.

Unfortunately, the cashier�s check that is sent is counterfeit. This fact is not uncovered until the horse and the finder�s fee have been forwarded to the scam artists.

What Horseville is doing to prevent this from happening:
If you receive unsolicited email or suspicious offers it is best to NOT reply to the request. When you reply to the email you are revealing your email address to the individual.

Horseville's anonymous email system prevents scam artists from obtaining your actual email address. When someone contacts you through our email system, your email address is hidden through the entire process. This protects you the seller from being a victim of Internet Fraud and/or spammers.

All outgoing emails are vigorously scanned with a proprietary algorithm used by our system. We cannot go into detail on the workings of our system due to scammers then having knowledge of how it operates. When an individual is marked as being a scammer they will be presented with an "Access Denied" notice when viewing ads. You can manually mark a message as being suspicious by using the Horseville Message Center. There you will be able to directly notify us of an emails irregularity and appropriate action will be taken.

We will NEVER contact you requesting personal information or your Horseville user password. Also be sure that in your browser you see "" or "" as the website to be sure that you are at the actual Horseville Horse Classifieds website.

How to report to authorities:
To protect yourselves and others against this type of activity, it is important to try and obtain as much information about the buyer as possible. We encourage anyone with information on individuals committing crimes on the internet to call your local FBI office or report the information online:
For all United States complaints, contact the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Complaint Center.
You may also forward suspected scam email directly to:

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